2839 Lockport RoadOakfield, NY 14125tinkertactical@gmail.com585.451.6829

We are now a special-order only gun shop operating in Oakfield NY.  We are appointment only.  If interested, call (or text) ahead and we can get you in to place an order or just look at catalogs at almost any reasonable hour.  Our goal is to serve Oakfield and surrounding communities with top-notch service and great value.


We work with 6 wholesalers so we have a tremendous ability to special order almost any new firearm - and with very low overhead.  We also belong to a few national dealer groups so if you are looking for that hard-to-find firearm, give us a try!

Need to sell your used gun for cash?  We will inspect your firearm and offer you a fair price.  We will likely beat most other gun dealer's offer.

Selling your firearm to another private party?  Or maybe you need to legally take possession of your family member's gun?  You will need an FFL (Federal Firearm Licensee) to legally make the transfer.  We provide Standard FFL transfers for $17.  We also charge $3 for the federal background (NICS) check.  You must pass the NICS background check to take possession of any firearm legally.

2838 Lockport RoadOakfield, NY 14125tinkertactical@gmail.com585.451.6829